How to choose in hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive factory tutor how you choose in hot melt adhesive
In the hot melt adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive, it in a certain temperature range and its physical state with temperature change and change, and the chemical properties of the same, it is nontoxic, tasteless, belonging to the environmental protection type of chemical products. So it is one of the current commonly used a kind of adhesive, but the how to choose the appropriate hot melts?? co Puda shoe heat melts the following several aspects for reference only:
A, in the hot melt adhesive color: if bondingobject itself of color without special requirements, you can use yellow hot melt adhesive, generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive sticky better than white point.
Second, the adhered surface treatment: hot melt adhesive to be adhered surface treatment without other adhesive so strict, but was bondingobject surface dust, oil should also make appropriate treatment, so as to make hot melt adhesive play a better bonding.
Third, bonding time: fast bonding is one of the major characteristics of hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive bonding time generally only in 15 seconds or so, with the modern mode of production that pipelining is widely used, on the hot melt adhesive bonding time requirements higher, the shorter is better, such as book binding and speaker manufacturing on the hot melt adhesive bonding time requirements in about 5 seconds.
Four, hot melt adhesive sensitivity to temperature: the temperature reaches a certain degree, the hot melt adhesive begins to soften, below a certain temperature, hot melt adhesive will become brittle, so the choice of hot melt adhesive must give full consideration to the temperature change of the product in your environment.
Five, the viscosity, the viscosity of hot melt adhesive divided into early and late sticky sticky, only early and late sticky sticky consistency, in order to make hot melt adhesive and the adhesive remained stable.
Of course in the production process of hot melt adhesive, should ensure that it has antioxidant, halogen resistance, acid and alkali resistance and plasticization of, be bondingobject material, hot melt adhesive played viscous is also different. Therefore, we should choose different hot melt adhesive according to different materials.
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