Shoe toepuffs low temperature hot melt, what are the methods of operation

Shoe toepuffs low temperature hot melt, what are the methods of operation
1) pulp skin Hong Po low-temperature hot melt adhesive -- mining soaking softening method, is to leather sole leather as material of Hong Bao, as well as the previous hand-made shoes to softening method, at present Italian leather shoes caught in traditional thought, multi use of such does not accord with the economic benefit of Po in Hong Kong.
2) chemical Hong Bao low-temperature hot melt -- chemical fiber resin interlining, commonly known as the king of Baotou, mining soaking solvent (toluene) softening; this harbor treasure leaching solvent can be softened, in recent years of one of the revolutionary shoe, shoe. Its characteristic is soaked in the solvent can be very soft, and most conducive to the shoe molding, without adding or enhance any treatment, cooling and drying can be a stiffening effect, the footwear industry to use more.
Main use:
A. in particular for the former Baotou and heel of the shoes
B. in the buckle belt, the side belt can use the resin park.
C. bags, handbags, hats, visors, collar, stationery folder can also use simple styling resin.
Advantages: strong viscosity, good shape, good durability, good hardness and strength. Has the high resilience, attached to a shoe model, effect is good; in under the action of external force, immediately rebound, the leather will not wrinkle. No deformation, not afraid of rain, sweat, flex. Easy to operate, no special mechanical equipment.
3) Hong Po low-temperature hot melt adhesive -- adopt heating softening. Operating temperature 120 to 150 DEG C, attached to the interface temperature to 100-105 DEG C, activation temperature for 90-95 degrees, such as use of heat / cold for forming machine and should be set to hot mould temperature about 125-135 deg.c, 7-15 seconds. (temperature and time setting need according to the change of material and lining material and conditioning); such as the use of California last method of process, molding line heating activation system temperature should be set 110-125, maintain 7-15 minutes. Advantages: replace the traditional shoe lining material (no need for chemical solvents such as Bao Toushui), environmental protection without odor, processing simple, effective lifting process, the appearance of the United States, waterproof, easy to shape. High hardness, good elasticity, high price, strong adhesive force, high elasticity and durability of the shoes before and after the set even after repeated bending can still maintain shape; high waterproof, so is not affected by water. Wear breathable, soft, lightweight.
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