Types and uses of low temperature harbor

Types and uses of low temperature harbor
Co Puda shoes hot melt adhesive is the main production of hot melt adhesive, low temperature Hong Bao mainly in order to design the manufacturers, the market there are many companies are in the business, but production kinds of cohabitation, instead of refined, then this co Puda shoe is for everyone finishing the kinds of a low-temperature Hong Bao and use, I hope you understand.
Hot melt adhesive series: hot-melt adhesives, rubber strip; hot melt particles, particles; hot melt glue stick, glue stick; thermal film, film; PA glue stick, PA hot-melt adhesive film, Pu hot-melt adhesive film, low temperature hot melt adhesive, EVA hot melt adhesive film, PE hot melt adhesive membrane, glue, hot melt adhesive, environmental protection is a hot melt adhesive, adhesive, adhesive, hot melt adhesive block.
Furniture industry: adhesive for furniture, furniture hot melt adhesive, furniture edge sealing glue, edge hot-melt adhesives, hot melt adhesive, hot melt and low temperature hot melt adhesive, furniture edge hot-melt adhesive grain, wood adhesive, hot melt particles, low temperature hot melt adhesive sticky.
Footwear: shoes adhesive, shoes hot melt adhesive, lamination material pressure-sensitive adhesive, shoe glue, glue and pressure sensitive adhesive tape, at the end of the hot melt adhesive, lasts hot melt adhesive, folding particles hemming adhesive, leather adhesive, shoe glue, head of the hot melt adhesive, set plastic head, toe glue, shoe material coated hot melt adhesive, coating particles, lamination material hot melt adhesive, shoes with hot melt adhesive, lamination material, plastic shoes.
Packaging industry: packaging hot melt adhesive, adhesive packaging, packaging thermal sealing glue, color combination packaging hot melt adhesive, sealing box hot melt adhesive, aluminum foil composite hot melt adhesive, wireless binding glue, pearl cotton particles, rubber sealing, sealing box particles, bone powder, packaging glue, double-sided glue.
Book binding: wireless binding glue, books, book binding, books and book binding, books of hot melt adhesive, gum, books gum, the book side glue, glue, book edge rubber.
Pressure sensitive adhesive industry: supply pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, adhesive lining, pressure-sensitive adhesive coating, self viscose, packing pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, apo pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, adhesive cloth.
Low temperature hot melt: according to different raw materials, EVA hot melt adhesive, polyamide hot melt adhesive, polyester hot melt adhesive, polyolefin hot melt. At present, the production and use of EVA hot melt adhesive. The main raw materials of polyolefin series adhesives are ethylene series, SBS, SIS copolymer.
Epoxy resin adhesive: can be used for bonding between metal and most of the non-metallic materials, widely used in construction, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances and daily household goods. Domestic production of epoxy resin adhesive factory has more than 100, the distribution is more dispersed, the annual output of about 10 thousand tons.
Silicone adhesive is a sealing adhesive, with cold resistance, heat resistance, resistance to aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, flex fatigue of high strength, permanent deformation, non-toxic and other characteristics. In recent years, the rapid development of such adhesives in China, but now some of the raw materials of China imported silicone adhesive.
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