The common problems of Dongguan shoe manufacturers on the shoe

Common problems on shoes
1, how can we reduce the bottom of the bore decolorization?
Leather in wet and hot environment will be decolorization, which is currently no way to solve the problem. Easy sweat people can choose the method: wear dark socks; PU inside or next day wearing shoes.
2, leather shoes really will slip, how to prevent?
Leather soles shoes is permeability good, good comfort, good texture, Dongguan shoe factory which is one of the important characteristics of high-end shoes; but the leather wear and afraid of the water. If you want to improve its wear resistance can be in before wearing to professional shoe on the machine, in sole cover rubber bottom, that would be good, so not only non slip, can also increase the wear life of the shoe. Only in this way will lose the true meaning of leather.
3, why there are a lot of light colored shoes are black heels?
The design philosophy of the shoe is decided to follow a dark color, and the design of this design is to keep up with fashion trends. This season is the design philosophy of the popularity of the time, it will be found that many brands of shoes with this style.
4, why the cool shoes at the bottom of a small hole?
Because the shoes in the manufacturing process using the pinhole point positioning method, so there is a small hole. This small hole will not affect the quality, you can rest assured that wearing.
5, light colored shoes why sometimes there are small black spots on the surface?
Due to the natural leather need to stain it can make all the colors we like, shoe manufacturers in the dyeing process, dyed a dark will cover to the original stain. The light is not covered, this is all natural leather, black dots are cortical spots.
6, some of the shape of the bottom of the color with a rubber also wipe off, this is how the same thing?
Because it is at the end of the production of molding, it will be attached to the color on the above, and not in the bottom of the molding and then colored, the normal care of the case is not decolorization.
7, forming a hole on the bottom, the customer is suspected of quality problems, should be how to explain?
In the production process, due to the relationship between the mold and on the surface of the bottom forming will have similar holes like a bubble, this in the process of wearing is won't have any problems.
8, the bottom of the chamber is not firmly stuck to the prison?
Sandals at the bottom of the chamber is according to the manufacturing method of the provisions of the state, at the bottom of the chamber package in in on the bottom, Dongguan shoe factory and then through high temperature and special glue for shoe press fit and become, so you can rest assured that wearing.
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