How to choose the shoes with hot melt adhesive

How to choose the shoes with hot melt adhesive
Hot melt adhesive in the process of making shoes as very important role, if the choice of good, let the shoes with good quality, shoes wear a year or two does not have the question, instead how to choose good, a pair of shoes, no a month estimated it is broken. The hot melt can also make a pair of shoes looks very beautiful, or doesn't look very good.
How to choose shoes co Puda hot melt adhesive
The hot melt adhesive to take into account the need to the shoe;
Appearance: to consider the use of hot melt adhesive color, different hot melt adhesive used after the color will be dry when discoloration, and are not, which will influence shoe of beautiful.
Viscosity: too low viscosity will exist in the case of the glue, which will lead to the life of the shoe is shortened, and the viscosity is too high will affect the drying rate is slow and directly affect the bonding effect.
Operation: good operation of the bonding agent can make you have a very significant improvement in efficiency, such as: coating easy, easy to mix and so on.
Viscosity maintenance time: a direct impact on the bonding effect.
Heat resistance: This is very important for shoes, because many people are not at room temperature activities, it must ensure that the heat resistance of the shoes is very good.
Stability: a direct impact on the quality of the production of shoes.
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