What are the type and stability of hot melt adhesive

What are the type and stability of hot melt adhesive
Hot melt adhesive dosage is very big, is to ensure that key varieties of pigment printing quality, hot melt adhesive through decades of improvement, adhesives in the settlement of feel, stability, rubbing fastness and free formaldehyde made great progress.
Currently widely used adhesives are roughly three categories.
1, with acrylate as the main adhesive. Soft monomer butyl acrylate and the soft is 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, hard monomer methyl methacrylate, styrene, acrylonitrile, high transparency of the adhesive coating is currently the most commonly used adhesive.
2, to butadiene as the main body of the adhesive, hard monomer styrene butadiene styrene emulsion), acrylonitrile (nitrile latex) and blends with other polymers to increase strength of coating, this kind of adhesive soft to the touch, but easy to yellow, cheap cost, do not need to bake fixation.
3, polyurethane adhesive, poly isocyanate compounds containing active hydrogen atoms of the polyether or polyester was polymerized into the polymer, and if a polyether polymer known polyether type polyurethane, the hydrolytic resistance performance is good, soft to the touch, but light, heat resistance. And if the polyester polymerization of said polyester type polyurethane, light resistance, heat resistance, good elasticity, but resistant to hydrolysis, polyurethane adhesive because of its good elasticity and soft and non stick, not like acrylic adhesives that can adsorbed on the dust in the air, color fastness and good and suitable for the printing of knitted fabric.
The polyurethane adhesive is divided into solvent and emulsion two. Using emulsion solvent type when baking oven in solvent such as toluene volatile out, must have good ventilation, water emulsion no this danger, in addition to the above three categories and silicone elastomer binder, vinegar C (vinyl acetate and acrylate copolymer) adhesive, but rarely used.
The stability of adhesive emulsion is related to the color fastness. The emulsion particles should be controlled within 0.2 m, and the particle size distribution to be uniform, not with large particles and small particles at the same time, otherwise the fastness will be reduced, quality is the observation method to determine the latex emulsion appearance, gray white emulsion shows the larger particles, is at least 5 m emulsion with instructions yellow particles are not uniform, generally at least 2 m particles, emulsion with blue light that particles in l m, the ideal adhesive should be translucent emulsion with blue light, not white, the particle size of 0.2-1 in M, and narrow particle size distribution, printing and dyeing plant the adhesive with yellow light rejection or gray white emulsion.
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