Stereotypes cloth manufacturers to introduce what is stereotypes cloth

Shaped cloth is mainly divided into two types of hot and cold paste type. After hot stamping, the adhesive has the characteristics of air permeability, hot pressing and molding, waterproof and so on. Mainly used for lining of various leather shoes before, after, riding boots waist, collar, laces reinforcing and non-toxic, tasteless, non irritating pollution; is one of the best products of environmental protection, in full compliance with the requirement of environmental protection in Europe and America.
Special dispensing stereotypes cloth with oil resistant, solvent resistance, resistance to high temperature and other characteristics, suitable for oily various casual shoes, hiking shoes, heavier cowhide (the outermost layer of skin, Crazy Horse) for and need high temperature of sports shoes. The process to make the gluing material after the glue layer, with a good feel and full and smooth, make the shoes more perfect. Advantages: after the shape of the tortuous parts of the shoe does not wrinkle, not loose surface. No permeability, good permeability, uniform thickness, strong adhesion. Plasticity, reinforcement, prevent glue hardened leather. Used in shoemaking process leather thickness is not uniform, leather goods in different parts of the extension length, pores, flexibility, different, in order to change the situation, therefore need to finalize the cloth for shoes, bags reinforcement and shaping effect.
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