What are the basic properties of hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive products mainly include the following basic performance:
Softening point
The softening point is hot melt adhesive flow start temperature, as the glue heat resistance, melting and the difficulty of the exposing time probably measure, is the choice of hot melt adhesive for reference data.
Two, melt viscosity
The melt viscosity is hot melt flow scale, is an important data melt coating technology. The viscosity size is related to the coating, wetting, penetration and drawing of the viscosity.
Three, melt index
Melt index with 10MIN flow through the diameter of 2.09MIN, the length of the molten mass of 7.06MIN (G) to calculate, so the value of a large amount of low molecular weight, small amount of high molecular weight.
The degree of branching also has a significant effect on the melt index.
Four, hardness
The hardness of the hot melt adhesive is used in packaging, paper, staples, fiber and other important property value, but also about the scale of heat-resistant adhesive.
In general, the hardness of the heat resistance is good, and the exposure time and curing time is shorter. Hardness can be measured by spring type hardness tester or rubber hardness tester at room temperature.
Five, exposure time
Exposure time is refers to from glue, after a effective dew set to be adherend bonding time and after curing have good bonding properties, over this period of time, bonding performance drops greatly,
Not even bonding, which is an important process performance of hot melt adhesive. The main factors affecting the exposed time have specific heat, coating temperature, coating and coating method, temperature of hot melt adhesive,
Types of materials, preheat temperature and thermal conductivity of the material, and so on. The actual use, after the glue should be quickly bonded, to ensure that there is sufficient adhesive properties.
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